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Clorox Concentrated Bleach Powder, 21.1 oz

Clorox Concentrated Bleach Powder, 21.1 oz

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Get a confident Clorox clean, now in a water-activated bleach powder. This bleach has a zero-splash formula that dissolves in cold water, allowing you to control the dosing to exactly what you need. The 3-in-1 formula cleans, whitens and removes stains, and can be used for both cleaning and laundry. Clean toilets, counters and other hard non-porous surfaces for a far-reaching clean that keeps surfaces looking their sparkling best. This concentrated powder can also be added directly to the drum of your washing machine, where it can eliminate odors, bleach out tough stains and get even your dirtiest clothes white. It even delivers great results on your machines cold water setting and is compatible for use in HE washing machines. This recyclable bottle is made with 27% post-consumer recycled content, is 80% lighter* and uses 90% less water*. One bottle of Clorox Concentrated Bleach Powder makes 60 gallons of cleaning solution, making it a great value. *vs 121oz bottle of Clorox Bleach

  • EASY-TO-USE BLEACH: This zero-splash, fast-dissolving bleach powder gives you the confidence of a Clorox clean while being easy to pour and store
  • CONCENTRATED FORMULA: One bottle of this concentrated powder makes 60 gallons of bleach cleaning solution, which makes it a great value and expands the reach of your clean
  • FOR CLEANING AND LAUNDRY: Great to use around the home, workplace or laundry room, this bleach product gives you tough stain removal and easy whitening and boosts the performance of your HE machine
  • MORE SUSTAINABLE CLEANING*: This solid bleach product uses 50% less plastic*, 90% less water* and is 80% lighter* to transport, all while giving you 30% more uses than liquid bleach
  • DISSOLVES IN WATER: This water-activated bleach dissolves right before your eyes even in cold water, delivering great results when you use with your washing machine’s cold water setting
Brand Clorox
Item Form Powder
Material Type Free Triclosan Free
Surface Recommendation Floors
Item Weight 1.44 Pounds
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